Dallas Fort Worth Metro Golden Retriever Rescue wishes to let everyone know that as of July 15, 2015 we are no longer acting as a rescue organization. We are happy to report that after 30+ years of dedication to the Golden Retrievers in Texas - and literally thousands of dogs that have been enriched by adoption through our Rescue - we can step back and let other, newer groups handle the responsibility. These groups have worked side by side with us for many years coordinating the intake of dogs, but it is felt that the time is right for our volunteers to move on. We have volunteers and board members that have worked for Rescue daily (continuously) for twenty years!

Golden Retrievers continue to be immensely popular as you know, and there will always be a need for Rescue. However, at this time our volunteers are stepping back (or some are joining up with these other groups with our blessing). We still have dogs in our care at the moment, and we are working to adopt them out or find appropriate placement for these remaining DFWMGRR alumni before we close the doors on this chapter of our lives.

If you have any questions or concerns to bring to the attention of DFW Metro Golden Retriever Rescue, there will remain a functioning Board of Directors until the business end of rescue is taken care of, and as mentioned the remaining dogs are placed. We hope to end our commitments as of September 4, 2015.

With kindest regards, and humble thanks for your past commitment to the dogs,

Board of Directors